Human Safety

  • Pranjal Mittal, Aditi Saxena, Sneha Aggarwal, Esha Gupta
  • As we know that Delhi is amongst one of the most crime affected areas in India. The heinous nature of these crimes has left the entire nation in fear, fear to an extent that people have to put restrictions in so many realms of their lives. Hence, the motive is to develop an idea to make people feel safe.

  • The idea will help all the people in general, especially the ones who have to travel a lot to new places and travel alone usually, at any point in time.

  • Hello everyone,
    This is Esha, another girl in this big city of Delhi. Just another person who feels unsafe traveling late at night, another girl who has to limit her dressings, recreational activity timings, modes of transport etc due to the prevailing crime rate in Delhi. Just another person who may be robbed at the knifepoint while getting back to her hostel after 5 pm.
    The problem addressed here is a big one and prevails at rates that have left all of us shocked on most of the occasions.
    There are numerous examples that support the development of this app. The best example is you, it’s me and everyone who has longed for a company while traveling alone, or wished that the police could be more approachable, especially during night hours, or simply wished to be guided about the new place they have to visit.
    As for this purpose, I use Find my Friends app on iPhones. The app does allow my near and dear ones to know my location, but the problem is that only registered users can know about my whereabouts. I want the ability to contact the police officers nearby me in case I feel danger an ability to send SOS to them as well. This will need a well-developed system in function and will also help people keep a check on the functioning of our security forces.
    So. All I can conclude with is that the highlighted issue needs immediate attention and the app if enforced does hint at certain promising results.

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ChM70qS01YhWaA_KXoWoeAIWSjhpE__w
October 20, 2019

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