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  • Well maintained and smooth roads are a symbol of a developed country. Most metropolitan cities of India face problems of maintaining their roads. They are filled with potholes and humps . And especially during rainfall propose a huge danger to the motorists.Every coming year has seen the increase in number of such accidents. The basis of the project will be devise a system that will detect these pot holes , categorise them according to the danger they possess and provide alerts .

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  • A.Reasons why potholes can be dangerous :

    1.Hitting a pothole could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
    2.Potholes are notorious for causing hidden damage, from harming the springs in your suspension to knocking holes in the undercarriage and your exhaust system.
    3.Even minor damage to the road surface could throw off your vehicle’s alignment and make an accident more likely.

    B.Statistics on number of road accidents caused due to potholes:

    C.Need for pothole detection:

    Potholes, formed due to heavy rains and movement of heavy vehicles, become a major reason for traumatic accidents and loss of human lives. A cost effective solution is needed that collects the information about the
    severity of potholes and humps and also helps drivers to drive safely. Thus, we can endorse drivers to ward off the accidents caused due to potholes and raised humps.

  • Potholes can be seen almost everywhere in Delhi.It becomes a major problem during monsoons.

    Image result for problems on roads due to potholes    Image result for problems on roads due to potholes

    Hundreds of accidents occur every year.Yet the concerned authorities fail to repair the roads.The general public becomes the victim of the the constant blame game between the MCD and the Delhi government.

    Image result for problems on roads due to potholes

    Thus, in the meantime till we get better and smoother roads ,we would like to propose a solution.Using a drone we can capture live images of the roads easily.These images can be processed and can detect potholes.Information regarding can be sent to the concerned authorities to fix the potholes. Also they can also help in better navigation using google maps.

    In future we hope create safer and smoother roads. 

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October 20, 2019

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