Human Safety

  • A Arvind Balajee, B Gowri Shankar, B Sai Brahadeesh
  • Problem Statement: 

    We all have experience of late-night driving and if we consider the Highways, we will be reminded of the harsh lightings which distort our vision. This happens due to the use of High Beam Lights in automobiles. This particular beam illuminates more lumens than other lights and is mainly used for having a clearer vision and to enable better visibility in foggy climates. But in the end, for the merits it provides, it gives us also lots of trouble. Distorted vision contributes the majority to the Road Accidents that occur in highways in the night time. This happens because of the immediate and sudden impact that the high beam lights create on the vision of Drivers and they will experience distortion for some time before retaining their vision. This also adversely affect the vision of the driver if they travel at night time on a regular basis. But as always, there is a simple solution to this problem as we all are humans and we always come up with a solution.



  • Automobile drivers who drive at nighttime are both the victims and also the people who are to blame as their use of High Beams actually cause this discussion to be held.

  • We all have experiences of travelling late at night in Car/ Bus in Highways where this surely is an issue. High beams will be irritating for the passenger and this is an obvious truth but what is more frustrating is that drivers tend to lose their vision for some moments when hit with a beam and this really is vital from a driver's perspective as in Driving, every moment is about responsible driving and being safe. We have examples right in front of us in the forms of our parents and relatives who drive and even some of us have experiences of driving at night. Also, from the data collected from most driving schools and our peers, we get to know that night driving is something which needs the highest level of practice and it is the most dangerous time to drive. Most of their reasons directly convolve in the point that these lights are really one of the major reason for night driving is bad. One possible and very simple solution is to have a mini circuit which has the capability to switch the high beam to low beam when the circuitry detects the presence of high beam light in the alternate light. This circuitry is the most feasible and also efficient solution as it operates with the help of a sensor which has the capability to detect the presence of High Beam light. Since this sensor doesn't need much of an investment as huge sensors involve, this additional circuitry if embedded into most new cars and 4 or more wheelers, then it would be more easy to control the mechanism of changing high beam to low beam and the vice versa. But still, without the support of a Vehicle Manufacturer, we still can modify the internals so as to facilitate the switching mechanism between the High and Low beams.

  • This will surely be having a great impact on the Road and Transport Industry as we will be able to solve a problem with just our wits and with almost no compromise. Also, this would be the first-ever solution to tackle this trouble as we never had anyone trying to solve this issue. This would also change the mindset that night driving is dangerous as people would take more efforts to be better in driving during the night.

November 14, 2019

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