Human Safety

  • Balanisha, Deepak
  • Mobile phone is the most used gadget in the world.In this current 21st century, almost every person all around the world uses smartphone. All smartphones will emit electromagnetic radiations, which are harmful to humans as well as animals and birds.Due to the excessive SAR(Specific absorption rate) value, more than a million creatures are affected. These are highly carcinogenic and can lead to occurrence of deadly diseases. 

  • Users are mainly around the age group 15-30. The users around this age group are mostly engrossed in social media or gaming. On an average, user spends one's time on phone for around four hours, subjected to increase in the duration. The radiations mainly being carcinogenic, affects the brain a lot and the probability of having malignant brain tumor is unfortunately high. When the 4G can cause a lot of harms like this, health being affected due to the introduction of 5G would be disastrous. 

  • 1.Yes,Everyone among us have become the regular users of smartphones, so we all are exposed to these harmful radiations. Usage of mobile phones, especially in darkness, really affects our body, beginning from the optic nerve.  

  • A device could be made to reduce the radiation emitted by the smartphones, which would reduce the ill effects of the usage of smart phones.

November 13, 2019

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