Human Safety

  • Balanisha, Deepak
  • Blind people find it really hard to walk past the obstacles on their own, inspite of usage of a stick. Many of them are always in need of external help to perform their everyday activities.

  • People who are blind either by birth or by accidents or health issues, always need help for their transportation. Their auditory and olfactory senses are really active, which helps them in performing their required activities.

    1. No, I have not faced this problem.
    2. All the blind people.
    3. I have witnessed quite a lot of blind people who find very difficult to travel.
    4. Using the technique of echolocation, experts like Daniel Kish have been practising human echolocation. Implementation of this technique into a device would be of a great use.
  • Human echolocation uses the technique of production of sounds to detect the distance of obstacles. Echolocation is  a very popular technique among bats. So a device could be made which could produce echoing sounds and detect the distance . The response could be given out in form of audible voice,hence using the auditory sense of blind people and making them feel easier to travel  

November 13, 2019

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