Human safety

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  • Residents are often unaware of the structural integrity of their architectural facilities such as their buildings, bridges, wells, etc.

    Due to lack of awareness of this vital information residents often suffer loss of life and property.

    Structural integrity can be lost due to several reasons such as natural corrosion, poor maintenance or in some cases poor construction or low-quality materials. 

    Residents who are unaware of such issues fall victim to accidents, these accidents can be prevented with the proper technology that can analyze the issue and prevent such accidents.

    Below is an article bringing to light the recent tragedy of Sujith Wilson who was victim to one such accident, and the number of such victims before him.


    Among the many possible liabilities, the largest ones happen to be borewells,

    "After a borewell goes dry, farmers abandon it after taking out the water pump and pulling out the PVC pipe to the extent possible for re-use. The guidelines to cover these borewells are not strictly implemented." -- The IndianExpress

    Apart from borewells, other structural collapses such as building and bridge collapses are major causes of death.

    Below are some statistics for the same.


    The article below precisely states why our responses to such accidents are so poor.


    Technology, which can be used by anyone and not just professionals must be made available for assessment of such faults in our structures.


  • Residents of localities which are not properly maintained and have a high number of debilitated structures. 

October 30, 2019

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