Human Safety

  • Siddharth Bhat , Divyaprakash, Sabarish, Thilipkumar
  • Though, people prefer cashless transaction these days, there are places where people have to make hard cash payments instead of using apps like google pay,paytm. So while carrying our purse from place to place, there is a good of misplacing our purse and there is an even more higher chance of our purse getting robbed by thieves.

    Loosing our hard earned money is not something which must be taken lightly, cashless transactions is definitely not feasible in villages which do not have a proper internet connection and so they have no other choice than using a purse for storing money. So if this is going to be stolen by someone,then the person is definitely going to lose a good amount of hard earned money.

    So a purse which cannot be easily stolen or misplaced is important for safety reasons.

  • There are so many cases where different people lose or misplace their walletss in different ways:

    • My friend vinith, 20 year old, who resides in hostel who`s purse was recently robbed by someone. The purse contained his original driving license, cash worth Rs.2000, his adhaar card. etc.
    • Ram, a 35 year old farmer who resides in a small village which lacks internet facility misplaced his purse while travelling in bus. The purse contained his farmer card, sum of Rs.3500, driving license, etc.
    • Sita, a 70  year old lady's purse was robbed while she was going to the temple. The purse contained a sum of Rs.2000, adhaar card,important phone numbers etc. 

    So, we can see that this problem exists from people at the age of 20 to people at the age of 85 too.It exists in both rural areas as well as urban areas. If this problem is solved, so many people are going to benefit because of this. 

  • his is an interview between me and one of the farmer who works near my college.

    ME: Hello sir, have you ever lost your purse, or has your purse been stolen?

    FARMER: Yes, i have had a very bad experience. Once while i was travelling from ettimadai to paalghat in bus to get some raw materials for my farm, i misplaced my purse. I had kept my farmer card, license, an amount of 2000Rs. inside it. I lost everything. I couldnt find my purse anywhere. Because of this i had to pay an extra Rs.5000 to get my duplicate license, farmer card, and all other important documents. I feel using the purse is such menace. It can be robbed easily without your notice.

    Me: Do you have any other alternative to purse?

    Farmer: Yes there are other alternatives like google pay and paytm, but  then the lack of proper internet connection in my village makes it impossible to make e-transactions.

    Me:If suppose, i design a device which ensures the safety of your purse, how much would you pay for it>

    Farmer: It depends upon how effective it is. Can i know the features of it?

    ME: It is a purse which has a GPS sensor inside it. SO it can be tracked if you misplace it by mistake. The purse also has fingerprint sensor, so it can be opened only if the fingerprint matches with the registered fingerprint, no one else can open it. It also sends a text message to your phone every time you open it. It can also count the amount of money present in it by comparing the size of each note. It also has an LED display which displays emergency informations like, Blood Group, emergency contact number, etc. These are the features if the purse.

    Farmer: Wow, this seems to be a very good idea. I would pay a maximum of Rs.800 for this purse.

    Me: Thank you so much sir, i would definitely recommend you to buy this purse to ensure that your purse is safe.

  • Im a student who resides in hostel and i have lost almost 2000rs because of carelessness. I had kept my purse inside my cupboard, but sadly forgot to lock my cupboard before leaving to class. I was shocked to see my purse missing from my cupboard when i had returned from college. I lost my original license, pan card, amount of 2000rs, etc etc.

    This incident triggered me to do something for the safety of my purse. I wanted to design a smart purse which a gps tracker, a purse which has a finger print sensor, a purse which sends you a text message every time you open it. It is basically like an ATM machine, which sends transaction details every time you take out cash from it.  This is definitely going to be useful for many people from an 18 year old person to an 80 year old lady who wishes to go for a walk in the evening without being worried about the safety of her purse.

November 14, 2019

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