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  • Hara Prasad Hembram
  • Now a days people are always in their busy schedules. Many times they forget to switch off their electric appliances. Due to this energy is wasted and in some cases it is the main reason of short circuit.


  • Energy saving, to make life more easy and secure


  •               In my case, sometimes I forget to switch off my electric bulbs and fans of my house. So that, I returned home for this purpose.

    In my society there is an incident happened last month. Last month one of my neighbors forgot to switch off the fans and refrigerator and went to his job. When he came to home there was smoke all around the home and fire was spread out slowly. Then he called neighbored people and managed to control it. After that when he investigated, he found that it was due to short circuit.

    To avoid it we can switch off the main switch or to check all switches are off. But it is not easy to switch off the main board or check all switches are off every time due to workloads.

November 15, 2019

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