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  • Maheshaa Ganapath GL, Dhanush GA
  • On a Netflix & Chill date or just tucked in cozy in your blanket after you've had an
    endless struggle to find the optimum ratio of your body that needs to be outside the
    blanket and inside the blanket, but now here comes your worst nightmare, the lights are
    still on. Maybe you have your switchboard at an arm's length or have one of those smart lights
    well not everyone is that lucky. But something which you most positively have at your arm's
    reach is your smartphone. Maybe you wished that your smartphone could do a simple task as
    turning off that light for you. Maybe you wished that your smartphone could turn on that
    light too. Maybe you wished that it could turn on and off every darn thing attached to
    your switchboard!

  • Middle class and above strata of people living in urban and semi - urban cities.

    Ages 9+

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cpEWWU4idVePxbsHKmroj1Hb2-T22Be-/view?usp=drivesdk

  • My product would be a simple installation along with your conventional switch board such
    that you can control all appliances plugged in and connected to the switch board
    via your smartphone. All switchboards in a house can come together to form a separate
    environment such that controlling can be easy.

    Before this product, everyone would have to manually move around to turn any appliance on
    or off or to turn on/off a switch for the lights or fans. Now this product will automatically
    sense the room you are at and give you a virtual layout of your switch board and can thus
    turn on and off right in your smartphone. Conventional switches would still be intact, both
    the conventional switches the virtual one would work seamlessly.

November 14, 2019

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