Help the helpless

  • Rishi Vignesh R, Abhinaya PB, Sai Akhil Y
  • Old people or people with medical disorders with a proper and effective emergency button, so that family members can instantly respond to them. 

    To elaborate: A SOS button to call the other people in the family to help them if needed. Preferably a hardware module, as old people are not so great with phones. In addition to just a bell ringing within the house somewhere, if nobody is available to attend to that alarm, an alert goes to each registered cell phone.

    Further updates can include a portable emergency button and a wearable to check their vitals in case they cannot access the button.

  • Here the major target audience will be senior citizens and bedridden people. It can also be included in cases where working parents have one installed at their homes so that their kids can ping them if necessary.

    This can help save a lot of lives, especially cases where patients reached hospitals just a few minutes too late.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KUGBg9vt8mkl2m3De5HjXGiyuilb1hm2/view?usp=drivesdk

  • Before the product:

    The user (Elderly) find it difficult to use a smartphone and call their family members during an emergency.

    Already existing devices like a Calling Bell have issues like frequency interruption wherein similar devices have their frequencies overlapped and unnecessary receivers start to go off, and even if the correct receiver is ringing and people aren't available to attend, it causes more problems.

    After the Product:

    The user (Elderly) will simply be able to send alerts to the receiver with a simple press of a button.

    This will not have any interruptions as it will be connected to a separate network so that if the receiver alarm isn't attended to, an alert can be sent to the phones of family members and neighbours.

November 14, 2019

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