• To develop an app that takes care of all your health, making all the options regarding your health available at one place.
    •  To eliminate the need of having more than two health applications.
    •  Dealing from small illness to self check up, we will try to incorporate as many features as we can in it.
  • 1. Patients

    •Getting aware of the disease and finding ways to cure it.
    •Chat with doctor in case of any advice or solution.
    •In case of Emergency, getting instant help through SOS button, ambulance service.
    •Can also give feedback or query about the application.

    2. Doctors

    •Doctors are the support system of our project.
    •The doctors provide expert advice on chat and public forum.

    3. Other Users

    • General users can use the application for becoming more aware about the medical needs of the diseases
    •The application can be used by medical students to gain knowledge about the diseases and the practices to prevent such diseases
    •GPS is used to provide the location of the near hospitals and clinics.

  • Target Customers

    1. for Collaboration partners(clients):Physicians, Clinics, Online Drug Store.

    2. For users:
    a)For premium accounts(with all facilities):
    Old Aged, Busy Business owners, Late Night
    Job people, Travelers

    b)For Trial Accounts: Anyone among General

  • We here have tried to show how our android application will be able to extract maximum of our app. No proper user journey has been provided due to shortage of time.
    Below is the various journeys our user will be part of while using the app.
    We have tried our best to present best solution by brief explanation and attaching the link below:



October 20, 2019

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