Healthcare: Gamification of Fitness using AR/VR technology

  • Sanjay Kumar KKR (CB.EN.U4CSE17149), Dhanishwar R (CB.EN.U4CSE17322)
  • Obesity is one of the exponentially growing concerns in the 21st century. Over 40 percent of the population is diagnosed as obese. Even though, every case of obesity is self treatable, due to improper guidance, people cannot over come obesity.  The main reason for the increase in obesity is the lack of awareness that is existing among every individual. Our aim is to assist the users in treating obesity using a AR/VR game.

    • Every individual, who wants to improve his/her physical well-being. 
    • Individuals who are diagnosed as overweight, and belong to any age group .
    • Individuals who want to go to gym to work out, but couldn't due to lack of time.
  • As a part of interviewing target audience, we interviewed a student of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham who was interested in improving his physical health, but couldn't find the motivation to take any initiative. To hear to the audio, Click here. 


    This audio transcript would give a fine picture of the situation that is existing among the youth. The product that we are trying to build will be one of the most engaging applications that encourages the users to try out different exercises that can be done in a small space.

  • The above mentioned image links are the visualization of the working of our application. We use AR/VR technology to make the process of working out interesting. Our AR/VR based game creates a Virtual - Environment that simulates a work-out environment which would engage the users to work-out more often.


November 15, 2019

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