Healthcare-Detecting depression using EEG sensor

  • Detecting Depression, Anxiety using EEG Sensor.

    In INDIA

    • 1 in 20 suffer from some form of mental problem.
    •  4 in 10 employees suffer from depression, anxiety.
    • Psychiatrist to Patient ratio is 1:10000
    • Can technology give a solution?
  • Our Customers are :

    • Every employee who want to overcome Depression.
    •  Teenagers who develop Anxiety.
    • Middle aged people who also suffer from depression, anxiety and not able to live an ordinary life

     Validation of Problem Statement and Target Audience:

    The problem that we are trying to solve is something that every  psychiatrists face when they try to diagnose the patients as detecting a mental illness needs over 2-3 sessions, several discussions, but the use EEG sensor can reduce the strain that the doctors as well as the patients have to endure.
October 15, 2019

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