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  • Roopal Mittal, Masudha Meher, Riya Suntwal
  • The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully managed. When you treat a disease early, you may be able to prevent or delay problems from the disease. 

    People ranging from different age groups are suffering from an illness they themselves are unaware of. We all have a busy schedule to cope up with, due to which we give a lower priority to our health. Most of the time, we  try to compromise with our own health, without even thinking about the consequences in the long run. When things start to get worse, that’s when it hits us to consult a doctor. Then we have to take some time out, invest our time and money to get ourselves consulted by a doctor who charge us over ₹500. Even when we start to feel the slight effects of our illness we try to diagnose it with home remedies without even going to its root.

     Let’s take a few of the examples:

    1. Whitening of the nails: White spots that are seen on the nails are not always an indication of low calcium level in our body. It may also be an allergy to a nail paint or be a fungal infection. 
    2. Symptoms of Jaundice: The symptoms for jaundice are discolouration of skin, eyes and nails but sometimes the discolouration maybe because the person is weak from the inside and not maintaining a proper diet.
    3. Detection of pregnancy: The detection of pregnancy can be done at home without urine test; instead a sensor could be used that will sense the pulse and will indicate if a lady is pregnant or not.

    Many more such concerns can be marked down and diagnosed.

  • This product aims to take into account all the people whether it be pregnant women or small children or old aged people who find it a little bit difficult to go through such a big process of scanning themselves in such big machines, the main aim of this project focuses on the aspect so as to make it easy to use, affordable and portable to scan different parts of our body to diagnose. If there is any kind of ailment they feel they are suffering through, the people who cannot afford paying money for diagnosis of any disease they are quite unsure about, can be helped at a very large scale.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eS8iwIgPyJMJS4elpO4eI9bNHMDGHqBt/view?usp=sharing

  • I live in an area where the hospitals/clinic from my place of residence is quite far away and I have to travel and pay more to get to a hospital. The consultation charges of the doctors are also in rise, in every 2 years there is a rise in it. In a hospital, the specific doctor is not available all the time; I have to see a doctor through the appointments, which is according to a doctor’s convenience and not mine. Due to which I have to take a leave from my college. 

    Considering the problem of convenience, time and cost, a product named Marcose was introduced in my life, recommended by my friends. Marcose was a solution for all the inconvenience caused to consult a doctor. It finds out the illness through a scanner that is attached to the phone and the result/report is seen through an app for the same. The hardware scanner scans in-depth images of the retina and nails in order to find the health related problems to blood pressure, hemoglobin, diabetes, etc. 


    This product helped me in many ways as it can be used at any time and at any place to test the medical conditions. It is a ‘one-time purchase; forever use’ product until the device gets trampled. I have also reduced my frequent visits to the doctor as this app acts like a ‘mini doctor’ for me. Earlier, I used to rush to the doctor even for a mild cold, now there is no need for it, all that has been replaced by this app. I only consult a doctor when my illness continues for more than the prescribed time. I think people will be consulting the doctors now for operations/surgeries only. This app has helped me save a lot of my money that I used to spend in the consultation. This app can be used at any time, any where, all to one’s own convenience. 

October 20, 2019

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