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  • Every year thousands of people die before reaching hospital due to slow response time of emergency services. Reason behind this could be many but one of the reasons is us. Even we, the literate people sometimes don't understand the urgency and the trauma faced by ambulance driver, the staff and the family who want their love ones to reach the hospital and get immediate medical attention.
    In 2017, 20% of emergency patients' deaths were caused by traffic jams.(The Nation, 2017) Another reason is ambulance crashes. From 1990 to 2009, there was a total of 84,810 ambulance crashes. Out of these, 121 were fatal.

    These facts clearly suggest the need to have an early warning system where ambulance does not get stuck in traffic jam. Because as a result lots of lives can be saved. So, there is a need to come up with some idea which could untangle this major issue in the medical field or of someones' life at any instant of time.

  • To solve the problem we need some prior notification system which will notify about the approaching ambulance  to  people in the jam well in advance so that the traffic  can be resolved to a greater extent before the ambulance actually reaches that place. And also to notify the managing committee of the hospital about the medical condition of the patient, so that doctors can be allotted in advance and the patient need not have to wait after reaching hospital.

    In this way emergency cases in hospital can be treated in time. 

  • Q. How was your first ambulance experience? Did you get stuck in traffic jam ?

    A. I was carrying my friend to the hospital because he got a hit from a bike which caused him few minor fractures. During the ride I understood the importance of giving way to the ambulance. Though i didn't stuck anywhere for long time.

    Q. Do you think if we come up with some idea of helping ambulance like notifying people on road in advance about upcoming ambulance would work?

    A. It would always be better if some prior notification is given to the people present on road about ambulance(apart from ambulance siren), it will cause less hindrance and will help ambulance to reach hospital faster. Apart from this if some information related to the best route to be taken is given to the driver would also help.

    Q. Does this ever happened to you that you waited in a queue for the registration because the doctor declined to give the treatment to the patient?

    A. No, in emergency case this never happens(as per i have seen) doctor gives sudden treatment. But if the situation is not that critical then some time is spent for the case study.

    Q. What do you think will that be helpful if a doctor is assigned in advance knowing the case study of the coming patient?

    A. Yes this will save time.

  • We are going to provide the hospitals a drone that can help their ambulance to reach hospital as fast as possible as most of the critical patients die on road due to heavy congestions. The Drone will be connected to internet, will have gps system and all the necessary sensors required for preliminary check up. A quick 2-3 min. of check up of the patient would be done and will form a database that would be transmitted to hospital so that required doctor can be allotted and all the necessary arrangements can be made for the patient after proper analysis of their database, this will save time that can have been wasted for all the preliminary procedures that usually takes place after a person reaches hospital. After this the drone will take off from the ambulance and will fly some 100-200m ahead and will make some announcements or some kind of sounds that will make people on road aware of the approaching ambulance. This will give some more time to people to clear up the road in time prior to the approaching ambulance.
    This will help the ambulance to reach hospital in time so that patient can treated.
    Such kind of system has not being tried before and ours will be the pioneer. After the product gets launched we are expecting it will help ambulances to reach hospital in time and lots of lives can be saved.

October 20, 2019

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