• Nikhilesh mishra , Simrita mishra, Bishal acharya
  • Now a days, consumption  of water maybe seen as a common issue, but most of us forget to take the required  or the minimum amount of water , so people should keep themselves hydrated to avoid unnecessary diseases occurring due to dehydration.

    some of its major consequences being faced by adults are

    1.extreme thirst

    2.less frequent and dark colored urination

    3.fatigue (lack of sleep)

    4. dizziness


  • Edward holds a 9-5 job.He is so work oriented that he skips his food and water requirements on daily basis to complete the tasks

    so eventually the more he gets progressive in his work, the less maintained he is in his health part, 

    so he goes to the doctor and finds out he is suffering from dehydration and he did not realise it.

  • Here are the two case files of two students who face this problem



November 21, 2019

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