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  • In the Modern Age , people don't care much about their health and elders (who have the majority health risks ) don't have anyone to look after them now a days because of their daily burden . Finding a way to prevent a disease of health issue at starting  stage is better the spending the whole wealth to regain normal health (PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE)


    Health band or ring which regularly monitors the user's vital Information with the help of machine learning and intimate him or his doctor with his vitals from where his vitals started to be abnormal . The vitals are obesity , weight , heart rate , blood flow and in additional microcontroller which intimates the user's care taker if the user fell from a place or met with accident etc (with the help of accelerometer).

  • Most people who doesn't care about their health : IT Employees(sitting in the same place and repeatedly watching the screen and metal pressure gives a lot of health issues),Atomic power station and limestone digging employees , people who does monotonous work and  extreme conditions etc

    Hospitals: monitoring patients vitals 24/7  and therefore preventing  a more serious condition (especially for heart, Cancer  and stroke patients and monitoring them after surgery or Operation) and vitals to main server of hospital to take into attention .

    Old people (Especially old age homes):where the caretakers can't be able to always look after the health of old people who have more chances of health issues ,this band sends a message to  Caretaker or relatives phone about the health vitals if any abnormalities is found or if they slip down it will automatically inform caretaker's  


  • 1)In my 1st year college , I concentrated more on my scores because i felt really bad for making my parents to pay such a huge fee so i used to study in night hours without proper food and play , eventually i had  a pathological fracture in my right hand and one of its main cause was vitamin D deficiency because it was so long i made a good play or jogging in sun rays (sun is an important source of vitamin d).

    2) one of my brother after working in ACCENTURE for over a year in bangalore because of the climate variation and sitting in same place for several hours , he had piles and eye drying Symptom because of this poor habit


    Four people have died in two days at a government-run old age home in Malappuram district, triggering a protest against the home authorities on Monday. Four inmates of the home in Thavanur — identified as Sreedevi (84), Kaliyamma (78), Velayudhan (102) and Krishnabose (74) — were reported dead on Sunday and Monday. Sreedevi died on Sunday and the others on Monday.
    The home is run by the State Department for Social Justice. Even as the home administrators maintained that the inmates were aged and ailing, a group of local residents staged a protest and demanded an investigation into the “mysterious” deaths.
    The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) registered suo motu a case and ordered a probe. SHRC member K Mohankumar sought a report on the incident, within three weeks, from the District Collector and the District Police Chief.Explanation has also been sought from the home superintendent. “Doubts have been raised on whether or not regular health check-ups are done for the inmates and regarding functioning of the care-takers,” SHRC said in an interim order. The commission is scheduled to consider the case on October 30.
    Minister for Health and Social Justice K K Shailaja directed Social Justice Department special secretary to conduct an investigation on the deaths.

    Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/four-deaths-two-days-old-age-694347.html

    4)There is no solution ,everyone have to regularly look after their body but people don't do that because they are busy chasing life while losing health(HEALTH IS WEALTH)

    5)this products is prevents at initial stage rather than  curing it ,  common middle class man like me could pay atleast 1500 for this product.

  • 1.Creating a band which already has sim (GSM) embedded in it with all other embedded systems and micro controllers to monitor the vitals of the user and find any abnormality with  Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence .

    2.If an abnormality is found it informs the appropriate caretaker or Doctor or Relatives depending on the health issue faced  and  suggests some verified first aid and inform ambulance based on user's settings instructions in serious  case (heart attack etc)

    3.In hospitals  patients vital's are sent to the server room and the corresponding Nurse or Doctor in charge are informed in case of serious health issue or abnormal health patterns obtained from the patient .

    4.The Data recorded int he ban can be viewed form phone through Smart band Application (developed for both android and ios) which gives a statistical and graphical view about the user's health and his vitals.

November 14, 2019


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