Green Corridor for Ambulance

  • T Sai Chandra Mouli, P Sai Phani, Thanga Manickam, Kailash R
  • Many lives are being lost till day due lack of ambulance availability on time. It is not due to lack of number of ambulances but it is due to inefficient communication between users and ambulances and irregular traffic conditions. Heavy traffic in Cities is one of the major reasons behind reaching hospitals on time. Lack of proper knowledge in drivers about the traffic conditions on roads  leads to them being struck in heavy traffics.

  • Patients: Person, stuck by an accident, need immediate emergency care, no near-by hospitals, need ambulance service.

    Ambulances: Waiting for emergency cases, no accurate location details, no prior traffic updates.

    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. My friend's family who had a major accident in the city outskirts were delayed treatment because there was no proper ambulance service in the area. By the time the ambulance driver reached the spot, there was loss of life.
    4. Better traffic conditions(favorable to ambulances) would have helped the driver to reach the spot quicker
  • We came up on this idea after seeing a practical issue where this idea might have helped the case we observed. We first observed the lack of proper communication between the user and the driver. It was very difficult for the driver to reach the accident spot based on the instructions of the victims. Hence a proper guidance system was felt necessary. Next we observed that the driver was facing struggle in traffic jams. So we thought of a traffic system which prioritized the ambulance services when needed. So we came up with the idea of automation of the traffic  lights to green on the green corridor area. We then realized that not all roads are compatible with corridor specs. So we tried to pick some routes which are viable as corridor routes. These routes are semi controlled by our corridor system and also the traffic department. This helps in achieving our goal of prioritizing ambulance services in times of need while functioning normally during other times.

November 13, 2019

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