global warming

  • mansi maheshwari
  • To maintain the temperature of the room a lot of energy is wasted, like in humid climate, winters, summers, etc.Also, the body needs to maintain it's the temperature to work efficiently, a lot of body energy is also wasted in maintaining that,    instead, it could be redirected to do something else efficiently.Maintaining the temperature of home/office is an expensive affair also due to this the level of global warming is increasing day by day.The number of air conditioners are increasing in offices and had become a human-made standard/status measure,   even small firms/office/homes have at least 1-2  a/c's.  Mostly the airconditioners being of low quality are hazardous to the environment. It can never be so that we are always in that closed environment (home/office), some time or the other we need to come in contact with the environment which will lead us to an uncomfortable zone and may decrease our efficiency.So something must be done to save the environment and to redirect our energy to the right cause.

  • I interviewedPerson 1, she said:"it is very difficult to cook food early morning because it's too cold outside, water is too clod, its difficult to touch the water, even it's difficult to get out of bed and blanket.I face a lot of problems in going out to buy milk and veggies in the morning during winters." Person 2:"During summers, once the sun us up, I am not able to go out to visit someplace for an outing, the whole afternoon is wasted inside the home with the air conditioner on,I get an unexpectedly high electricity bill, even then I don't want to get out of the room and I fell I could do everything inside that room itself, but practically that is not possible." Person 3:(watchman)"I have my duty in shifts ( night also), it's very difficult to stay out in open keeping a watch in this chilling winter, I just feel like there should be a room for us also with the heater on.In summer I face similar kinds of problems in summer afternoons, it's too hot outside, we are also humans and need a suitable environment to perform our duty." Person 4:" I need to go out early morning to the office and it's difficult to get out of bed in winters. Although I have a heater in the car, office, room, etc. but the outside environment is too cold that I am not willing to go out even.I am an environmentalist too, so in worry of our environment I try to minimize the use of A/c, heater, etc."   

January 20, 2020

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