Get rid of Shopping Queue

  • Supermarket shopping: one of the biggest causes of high blood pressure in modern, day to day life? What is it about this theoretically simple procedure that can prove so frustrating and even infuriating?

    Primarily, people generally have to wait in long queues before getting their invoice regardless of the number of counters available.

    Secondly, the customers have to search for their grocery lists in the entire supermarket rather than collecting it from the specific section.

    The aim is  to create an application to provide an imperative solution to the problem.

  • There was a huge amount of discount on on grocery and cosmetics present in a nearby supermarket store where Tanvi lived. Since in was a Sunday morning there was a lot of hustle in the store and she found it difficult hunting items in her grocery list . Tanvi managed to traverse her grocery list but due to the rush she had to wait in a long queue at the billing counters and couldn't possibly obligate to her prior commitments.

    The next time when she went for shopping she installed an app which helped her locate her desired items as well as posted a direct invoice of the purchased items to her mobile phone.




October 3, 2019

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