Garbage Management in Colonies and Urban Areas

  • Nowadays waste management is a major threat faced by cities,urban areas and colonies in our area.This is due to the lack of a proper waste management system and people doesn't have an awareness regarding it.People mix all kinds of wastes together,they don't have an idea to separate wastes on their basis and also a section of people directly burn wastes that contains plastic.There are lot of food wastes are accumulated during several ceremonies like marriages,parties etc.

    I think it is very important to build a proper waste management system which is beneficial to people and give an awareness to them regarding the handling of wastes.

  • Waste collecting people-Rewards will be given for them for the amount of wastes they collected and that will be reflected in their salary.

    People who plan to setup Biogas system-Financial and technical support will be given.

    Residential communities who burn their garbage.


October 6, 2019

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