Game deaddiction

  • 1.Ashwikumar JS ,2. Aswin V,3.Gopikrishnan K,4.SK.Hariesh
  • Most of the people around the globe are addicted to games. They end up wasting their time playing continuously for a long time.

  • The target audiences are people who want to quit gaming and people who did not choose gamming as a career but play games and waste a lot of time.

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1qj4Miuf9OAY3h2OFNta21HQktvbXNUUGtUVjRLdElyN0NR


    1. I am Myself Addicted to Gaming and I spend 4-5 hours on gaming a day.
    2. Once I played a game so long that my eyes were completely dried up.
    3. Addiction is due to secretion of oxytocin which increases the release of Dopamine hormones that in result will give you happiness. And We came to know that secretion of Dopamine can be controlled by Using Brain Implants(like Nueralink ) but the problem is Those things are in the development stage.
    4. Also, We came to Know about Vagus Nerve Stimulation Which is currently Used to Treat Epilepsy and Heart Diseases has a Very huge Scope in deaddiction.
    5. And this Vagus Nerve Stimulation can be used to control the secretion of oxytocin by sending in any kind of electric pulse through a medium.
    6. The stimulator can be attached to the headphones which are owned by the user and electrical signals can be kept in sync with the user experience.
  • BEFORE: Gaming with ordinary headphones which won't help in deaddiction.

    AFTER: Gaming with our headphones with the additional feature that helps in deaddiction.

November 13, 2019

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