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    <td>Our History
    This system is through: adjusting the water quality, improving the purification effect, extending the service life of the cutting fluid, effectively polymerizing water-soluble oil molecules, and greatly reducing the cutting temperature. While the quality of the cutting fluid is controlled, the tool life is increased by about 30%, and the tool cost is reduced. Equipped with KingNice technology products, it can effectively inhibit the generation of bacteria and prevent the generation of odor. Especially under the premise of prolonging the replacement of cutting fluid, there is no need to pay any additional costs for environmental protection and related processing costs. Later, it can be recycled.
    “Continuous research and development, sustainable operation” is the core concept that KingNice Technology has always adhered to. We believe that only by continuous research and development can we become the champion in the field of water oil purification and bring the best products to our customers. For sustainable business, we have different ideas. The sustainable operation that KingNice wants to accomplish is not only for the internal enterprise, but for the global environment and our next generation, comprehensive and sustainable operation.
    Our Factory
    KingNice Tech Co.,Ltd the current product function modules mainly include: 1. The oil absorption group placed in the mechanical water tank can absorb the dirt and oil slick above the water tank, capture the small free iron chips that affect the function and quality in the water flow, and block them. To avoid impact damage to cutters and workpieces; 2. During mechanical processing, as the water surface floats up and down, it automatically adjusts to facilitate the absorption of upper oil pollution and is not affected by the water level; 3. The filter is specially made of stainless steel, and only needs to be cleaned No need to replace, larger debris and debris can be stopped; 4. The internal oil barrel will physically suck the oil and the original liquid into molecular collisions, separate the oil and water, and recombine the excessively used cutting fluid molecules to ensure that The cutting fluid has been in an optimal mixing ratio state for a long time; 5. The oil pollution separated by the impact of TPM molecules can be separated and removed by the oil collection pollution, and the waste oil can be recycled and recycled through the third processing tank seat, so that the waste oil can be recycled and recycled. use. When the separated clean cutting fluid enters the drainage tank and is mixed with air, the cutting fluid rich in oxygen molecules will return to the mechanical water tank to be naturally reduced.
    Specializing in filtration sludge chip vacuum removal, CNC machine oil skimmer, oil-water separators, cutting fluid filtration and coolant purification machines, industrial and restaurant wastewater filtration systems, oil collection plates, filter plates, oil- water separation plates. We operate our team business with integrity and honor. Since its inception, it has been designed with superior quality and unique design to make installation easier and more stable and reliable.

    Our Product
    Oil Skimmer

    Product Application
    Machinery銆丮echanical Parts銆丄erospace銆丄utomobiles & Motorcycles銆丮icromachining銆乀ools & Hardware銆両ndustrial銆丩ight Industrial.

    Our Certificate
    – Patented T.P.M Description Unique patent TPM media module physically accelerates the separation of oil and water.
    – ISO, CE, RoHS, EAC, UDEM
    – KN-SFS Floating Type Liquid Collect Device. suck the oil floating in the surface into the filter tank. The oil and water separation and procedure are short and highly efficient, filtration of the TPM the separation of oil, water and impurities

    Production Market
    Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India, Australia, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, USA, Mexico, Philippines Portable Particle Sludge Purifying Cycle System manufacturers

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