Forest monitoring and safety.

  • 1. T. Vinay Sagar Kumar, 2. Smruiti smita priyadarshini, 3. Swetasuman Mohanty, 4. Anwesha Anurakta
  • There is less percentage of the forest area left on the earth from where we are getting the oxygen. Due to drastic climate change and developments, we are losing them day by day. Recently nearly 50% of amazon forest had been lost due to the irresponsible and carelessness of the human being.  

  • There is no availability of electricity in the forest. Therefore, this project will implement some solar-powered Zigbee wireless sensor networks with an appropriate microprocessor base circuit to detect the forest fires with an early alert to the higher official for emergency action.

    1. Yes, I had faced this problem in my village the nearby forest got burnt and no rescue team was available at aight time due to which some of our crops got damaged.
    2. Yes, my uncle and many from my village.
November 10, 2019

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