Food Wastage

  • ashirbad behera, chnimaya samntaray
  • Food wastage nowadays became a challenge to society, where there are a lot of peoples sleeps without proper food. in other areas foods are being wasted. On daily basis Weddings, canteens, hotels, social and family functions, households spew out so much foods that never reach the NEEDY.

    According to a report :

    On average, about one-third of the food produced is lost or wasted globally (as per the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation). According to UN estimates, 40 percent of the food produced in India is either lost or wasted. 

  • financially weak peoples: these are the needy peoples who don't get proper food and sleeps hungry.

    Weedings and functions: these big events produces so much waste food that can be useful for someone.

November 9, 2019

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