Empower Student (financially)

  • There are 315 million students in India. Which they fully depend on their parents. The student has many skills in which they can serve their skills and monetize them. Many Student wants mentor for their career as well as while studying they want making money. There is a huge number of student who wants to earn in student life but the platform is not there. According to economics time if Indian student lost their mobile they have to depend on parents.

    In USA students started earning in teenage 15-20, while in India they have to look to others for money at this age.

    Student financial problem is huge every student wants to earn in his student life. 

    If a student wants to buy something, they have to look forward to his/her parents. In the Indian education system, parents support their child until they did not get a job, in which students will no put effort into making money. Otherwise, that student who got the educational loan they also have looking for their parents.


  • Target audience is student, Student has many skills in which they can monetize them. If a student wants to make money while studying and if they have a skill such as from his academic, Teaching to Student, If a student wants mentorship, or If any person has work related to student skills, then they can hire them.

    It's just like Fiverr or freelancing website.

  • Alok Mandal(MTECH): I have skill for teaching, which I can monetize because i generally spend 2-3 hrs in other stuff. what happens if I teach someone who wants just like a webinar.

    Rajan Kumar Soni(MCA Bihar): I was very good in the study but without proper guidance and mentor I lost my career and today I was nothing if someone mentored me I could pay for mentorship.

    Vikas Kumar(MCA): I spend lots of time gaining video editing skills that are not used and getting erosion. If I use this skill for earning some extra money they will find.

    Raunak Jha: When I was in graduation I want a mentor that can guide me for my career such as MCA NIMCET, JEE MAIN because I have only 3G at that time, and I also from a small town where people has very less awareness.

    Goyal(Storekeeper): I want a teacher for my daughter who has teaching skills, If I have a platform there for a searching tutor online in my local area, then yes I will hire.

    Skin Doctor:  I want a person or student who has skills of SEO because I can't handle my website by myself where SEO company costs 80,000 Rupee.

    Manash BTECH 3rd Year Production: Yes sir I like your idea because I have experience in lots of things. but how can  I contact others? for providing.

  • After using this kind of services I will be happy because it is unique if in near me a tutor require then  I can see available and require a teacher. 


    I got a Student x mobile app and I can see where and how I can use my time for tutoring others.

                                                                                                                                                                         -Alok Mandal

    I want a tutor and mentor for my academics how can I approach them, I found this app and website where I can search for student related jobs which suitable for my timing and skills.


    While in JEE preparation I have lots of experience regarding, and I have potential that I can mentor someone but I was not using my knowledge. now I found this app where I can upload my profile. and people see my profile JEE rank and they can contact me, weekly wise.

                                                                                                                                                 -Rahul Singh

    I have good command in physics, in which I can tutor anyone but I not found any website I googled I found udemy and unacademy but they have complex mechanisms. but when I got this website I am able to earn and mentor others, and as well as I can teach them on weekly.

                                                                                                                                                    -Nishat Kumar.

January 15, 2020

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