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  • Poor people or you can also consider the middle class people of our indian society.

    1. Yes,a lot of times because of not knowing the best way to utilize that money. i usually face this problem while spending money in different sector. like, if i have to get something or buy then i am not able to figure it out.
    2. No 
    3. Spending money by buying something or investing in different sectors
    4. Yes,I think if there would be a app in which a smart e-mentor can guide or show them what and how you should utilize your monthy income and how to find the right place and right way to the investmet. I literally want to work on it but due to lack knowldge on app developing.
    5. Within 1000
  • Before-

    In my day to day life i come across different types of people who usually have a problem about how and where they should spend or invest their money to be in a profit  i.e like if a person goes to buy something he wont have an idea what should be the reliable cost for it or how less it can be purchased.


    So,by seeing all these i have thought of making a app by which a person can easily know or able to use his money in a smart way and the person always be in a profit.

November 22, 2019

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