Hungry Bird


A drone that emulates the flight patterns that birds exhibit to gather food and feed their offspring.



Contributor(s) – Kaushik Balasundar

Date: 25 January 2020


I am currently in the final semester of my Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree. I am also working on a vision-based product assembly fault detection system with the Center of Product Development and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science.

Interests: broadly in collaborative robots, medical robots, and intelligent industrial robots. 



I have done several projects aimed at exploring various aspects of robotics. 

  1. Biomimetic Robotic Fish
  2. Hydraulically Actuated Autonomous Nurse (HYAAN)
  3. Single propeller multi-terrain spherical drone
  4. Hungry bird – Bird flight trajectory mimicking drone 
  5. Total solar irradiance measurement device
  6. Low-cost weather station
  7. Offline voice-controlled wheelchair 
  8. Head motion-controlled wheelchair  


Interest areas for collaboration and learning

I am interested in learning, collaborating and contributing to work in areas including traditional computer vision, deep learning for computer vision, reinforcement learning for robotic manipulation, development of consumer robotic medical equipment, haptics & teleoperation technologies for robust maneuvering in adverse terrains. 


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