Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down


A software that classifies restaurant reviews as positive or negative.



Contributor(s) – Aditya Pai

Date: 20 January 2020



I am in my final year of Information Science Engineering undergrad degree. I currently work on AI projects related to the healthcare industry I’m a freelance AI consultant and teach machine learning online.


Interests: Computer vision, Natural language processing, Data science, Distributed systems and blockchain.



Some of the Projects that I have done include 

  1. Healthcare AI suite to solve patient engagement
  2. Cryptocurrency price forecasting for automated trading
  3. Telegram bot for human sentiment classification
  4. Network intrusion detection using machine learning
  5. Calculation of textural features of images


Interest areas for collaboration and learning

I’d love to collaborate and help teams working on AI and blockchain products. Always open to brainstorming ideas and learning new technologies.


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