• Have you encountered a news article headlined killer air inside holes or killer holes under our nose claims 2 lives??? Yes, you guessed it right maybe that someone has died cleaning the wastewater or literally shit that our house produces on a daily basis. Have we ever wondered why there is manual cleaning of the sewage and wastewater and septic tank?? The sewage problem is a dire solution needed part of today’s society. The problem isn’t the very word that causes pollution but the only thing that affects the society how the sewage is treated. The cleaning of sewage is not very advanced as we use to see in the discovery channel of any other country. The best part of the sarcastic comment upon the public work is nothing is done even after digging up of roads in few several years. The smell causes a deadly environment both for the on goers and the manual sewage cleaners. Manual scavenging act was a deadly act that was hesitantly planned and being passed in the parliament that didn’t address the basic problems of manual scavenging and the process of removal of sewage and its treatment to make it less harmful before leaving it to the river or any other water bodies. Though the mechanized cleaning of the septic tanks is prescribed in the norm but due to lack of proper infrastructure and mechanized structure in the right place we aren’t able to tackle the very issue of the water and air pollution that are caused on the micro-level in the very smart cities that breed harmful pollutants and the killer sewage system right under its nose. It's not that everyone is aware of it but none are taking steps to curb the menace caused by the manual cleaning of the sewage and septic tanks. There are no potholes that are connected and monitored centrally and there is no mechanism in place to keep up with the number of pollutants and the harmful gases that are trapped inside the holes forever until and unless the pothole cover is released open and thereby causing to help spread the foul smell of Sulphur and methane. The problem that we hope to address is making the mechanism of the sewage system centrally monitored and reduce the manual scavenging in the first place that results in the death of several others that we encounter every day in the newspaper and while surfing that makes the national headline. The open-loop system of sewage results not only in improper cleaning of the polluted water but also change of pH of the soil and impure water that are transferred back to us even after proper treatment of the polluted water.

  • The most affected are the manual laborers are the most affected by it. The end product would affect the soil pH largely and hence monitor the pollution level and keep it under check and help us avoid the foul smell that we encounter while strolling across the streets of the so-called smart cities with not so smart sewage management. The product would not only help to monitor the data efficiently and remotely but also create new products along the way inviting new innovations in the management and production of the best out of the waste.

  • We took the matter to our immediate surroundings to discover this long -term pending problem to realize that the problem is employment and caste-based and also infra based while coming to manual scavenging. We talked to labor who was returning from the work in drunkard condition. We asked about his state how he could manage to be high during work, to our utter surprise, it was his daily tonic to keep up with the pace of work as there is no machine to take out the sewage properly and dump it somewhere. They have to literally go inside the septic tank and take the shit into their own hands without any proper safety equipment. He sighed about being designated to do this work as the mentality of the people hasn’t changed much for decades even after swachh mission was initiated. The deadly gases once choked him as he recalled and told stories about his past how he got into a hospital with no back history of diseases and with a meagre amount of money. He refused to show his face in Infront of the camera and literally begged not to be shown somewhere hesitating to even talk about this issue. We provided a solution to which he merrily asked if it can be done in the city itself with minimal cost and zero death.


  • The end product would definitely improve the quality of living in certain aspects of life. Certainly, one wouldn’t like taking up hands near the nose to stop the foul smell entering their nose. The end product would combine IoT and sewage management that is to be centrally monitored in the control room that would operate semi-automatically i.e. the sewage should be automatically sent to the girt chamber and filtration and heating chamber that would result in production of heat and electric energy by the combination of the electrogenic bacteria that would help mimic the process of natural occurrence of electricity and help produce energy that would help power the system which will make the system self-sustainable. The MFC(Microbial Fuel Cells) along with an IoT driven monitoring system in place with the help of electrogenic bacteria could work wonders in near-futuristic cities that will produce sewage and polluted water more than ever. It’s high time to realize the fact that the digitization of the process of sewage cleaning and its efficient management and treating to help maintain the ecology would be of great help to both mankind and ecosystem. 

November 14, 2019


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