Accident Detector

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  • Accidents in areas were no person can help them this idea comes into picture were CCTV cameras on road sides should detect dashing of 2 vehicles and should give an alarm to control room who is watching CCTV camera if it is a mild dashing then they need not call ambulance if not they have to call the ambulance and the person can be saved

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  • 1) Is  this problem is faced by u? (Why, When, Where and How?)

             yeah we do face this problem  ,my neighbor got accident on the highway were rarely people and vehicles randomly move and he lost his life because no one was there to help him.After long time another vehicle on the way made a call to ambulance after a long time which is useless

    2)Will you feel good if we had a solution for such accidents?

              yeah, it will safe many lives of the people who have many dreams to achieve
    3) if there is a solution ?would you implement it?

                 Sure ,i would be happy to safe many people in life
    4) How much would you pay to fix it?

                  i cant fix it because its a value of a person.......

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/0B9SOb-pqMooFX2FNX29FbVByV2l2aXZUaTZUVWRVdDRVQmlR/edit

November 15, 2019

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