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  • Rohith Rajesh
  • Farming being the primary sector of the economy , has been facing lots of problems from all directions from land to equipment to climatic changes . But the lack of connectivity between landlords and farmers have caused a bigger problem by not only urging the landlords to sell their lands owing to insufficient farmers for doing the ground work but also by forcing the farmers to migrate to cities in search of a job to count on their living . Loss of agricultural land is a huge problem as it becomes difficult to produce the required amount of food to feed the growing population. Hence we need to take certain concrete steps to encounter this aggrevating problem.

  • The app helps in connecting
    1. The Landlords who are into farming but facing labour shortage and the Unemployed farmers searching for jobs to earn for their living.
    2. The landlords who are ready to lease their lands and the Farmers who are looking for lands for rent/lease at particular locations during particular seasons in order to pursue farming suitable for the location and climatic conditions.
    3.The farmers and the Scholars in the agriculture field who are  interested to work with the farmers for the purpose of research as well as to help the farmers get better yields.
    4.The farmers wishing to sell their lands and those farmers who are in search of new lands thereby preventing the loss of agricultural lands

  • Q.The number of people in this village has decreased considerably. Is there any particular reason?

    Ans. Majority of the land is owned by rich landlords and hence our opportunities in the limited land area is pretty less. Hence, many are migrating to cities in search of some other employment.

    Q. Have you tried to approach the landlords for seeking jobs in their farms? There are many landlords who have labour shortages.

    Ans. It is not easy for us to approach such landlords asking for employment especially when they are not in our neighbourhood. Finding opportunities in our community is somewhat within our reach while there is no means for us to find opportunities when it is not in our vicinity be it a neighbouring village or a neighbouring state. Moreover we have no clue about who is in search of labour and those who are having excessive number of workers.

    Q. We are looking forward to make an application which will enable the people looking for job in the farming sector to directly find opportunities and interact with the landlords. This will also involve the salary details, availability of land for rent/lease etc. The sole requirement will be a smartphone and an internet connection. Do you think farmers can use this effectively?

    Ans. In this era almost all are having access to internet and hence this initiative will definitely benefit us if it increases the connectivity between all the people involved in this sector.

    Further interaction with landlords and scholars have given us positive feedbacks. The main issue is connectivity in this sector (especially among the people from rural area who are into agriculture and the landlords/scholars who do not have direct interaction with them. We are planning to create a user friendly application which thoroughly establishes a connectivity between all people in this sector. We are planning to use machine learning to generalise the availability farmers in a zone, profit/loss, yield per season after studying a number of datasets in order to help people make the right choice leading to an advancement in the agricultural sector.


  • Scenario:

    Farmer 1 who is in village A is struggling to earn for a living, he is tired of visiting the landlords and farmers in his vicinity literally begging to get employed.

    Farmer 2 in village B , few kilometres away from village A , is running short of labour in this productive season. The shortage of people for ground work has caused him a great loss over the past few years and he has lost hope. He is planning to give up and try for some other source of income.

    Before :

    Farmer 1 facing heavy financial burden decides to end up his life as a farmer and decides to migrate to a city and tries to find an alternative source of income as he is the sole breadwinner for his family.

    Farmer 2 having lost hope in this sector he decides to sell his land. Now his land is for sale and industrialists or construction companies will occupy the land leading to further loss of agricultural land. 
    This will inturn affect the economical balance and many such occurrences in various parts of the country leads to shortage in food to feed the growing population.


    Farmer 1 and Farmer 2 use the "Farmer's Messenger" application. Farmer 1 gets to know about the opportunity and he finds that farmer 2 has shortage of labour using the app . Farmer 1 along with his neighbours approach farmer 2 who is overwhelmed to offer them job in his fields. Thus, the economical balance rises as the application will help thousands of people facing similar problems and hence it brings about harmony in the sector especially when the power of machine learning is deployed to encounter problems of this sort.

November 14, 2019

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