• medical emergencies brings a lot of pressure to the patient as well as to their loved ones.Once a person has a medical emergency he or she doesn't have the required knowledge about the same. Comparisons and choices are really hard to make at that point of time .

    We don't have the ratings of the hospitals , their pricing for the surgeries , the specializations of the hospital, best doctors or surgeons to consult. A lot of questions arise at that very moment and we may end up making wrong choices or decisions.

    time , effort , money and sometimes somebody's life are at a great risk .

    There is no app or a place where we can compare and make wise decisions.

  • people who want to make decisions keeping money, time travel or ratings  as their priorities . age group :15above

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    Mr. Abc had an cardiac arrest  and their family wanted to have comparisons between various hospitals .but due to lack of time he couldn't make comparisons with different sites . he asked his friends and family and took their advice and went to any xyz hospital . that hospital was really expensive and the dr. wasn't that good. and they end up making bad decisions. 


    After: Mr. Abc had an cardiac arrest  and their family wanted to have comparisons between various hospitals.They opened our FARE MEDICARE app and searched for cardiac arrest and they selected their priorities according to their needs for eg : money , dr. ratings, etc . they instantly got the results based on a lot of reviews and then they made comparisons and selected the best and wisest choice  thus saving time, effort , money and life.

October 20, 2019

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