Environmental Protection By Recycling Tires

  • The pneumatic tire is one of the most common items in the present world. More than 800 million new tires are produced annually, in every region of the world. More important for our discussion is the fact that virtually an identical number is removed from service after reaching the end of their useful life as tires. As more and more tires are put into use around the world, so more and more tires are scrapped. Many countries are confronting the problems posed by scrap tires, and are seeking to identify useful economic and regulatory techniques for managing these tires. So, it is important to find an economically feasible process for the conversion of this waste rubber into useful products.

  • Mr. XYZ is a owner of a tire manufacturing startup who is facing tough competition from his competitors he thinks that in order to reduce the price of his tire he needs to manufacture the tires in a more economical way. So, he gets an idea "What if I can make my engineers design and develop a process such that we can use old tires to make new one's". He thinks if his engineers could solve this problem he could surpass his competitors by selling his tires for a lower cost and also get benefits from the government for protecting the environment. In this way he feels that he can not only benefit himself but also contribute his part for the protection of environment.

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=13WbrAzzSxoig87kAItbzIPo_g5-_4RvW

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=10GXDZjOgvzIk9_f5NQJOGQ5h7X9R7k03


November 13, 2019

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