Energy Consumption

  • Shradha Ramakrishnan, Steve Jerome L
  • The average urban middle class family spends around 3000-5000 rupees monthly on an electricity bill. Ideally, this value should not cross 2000 rupees. This gives rise to a common, unnoticed problem, domestic energy over-consumption. To reduce over-consumption, we need to optimize our usage of heavy duty appliances, in a way that maintains user satisfaction but is also highly energy efficient. 

  • Introducing the Sharma Family

    The Sharma Family are a family of four, living in urban Chennai. Mr Sharma works, and Mrs Sharma is a homemaker. The 2 children go to school. They have a maidservant.  It is a standard 3BHK apartment. One room for Mr an Mrs Sharma, two for their two children (aged 11 and 13). Each room, plus the hall, consist of an Air Conditioning of the same brand. The kitchen has a dishwasher. The utility space has a washing machine. The 2 bedrooms have an attached washroom with a water heater each of the same brand. They own a smart TV in the living room. 

    Their Problem

    Mr Sharma pays an electricity bill exceeding 5000 rs almost every month. He doesn't know how or why his bill hikes almost every month and wants inputs to reduce this.


    In an overall hot city, the the 2 children use their Air Conditioning through the evening and night for their homework and sleep, without turning it off. Through the day, Mrs Sharma oscillates between the living room AC, bedroom AC, and the respective fans. Mr and Mrs Sharma use the living room Air conditioning through the evening on some days, and through the night everyday. Mrs Sharma has a maid who operates all appliances whilst doing chores.


    It is clear the Sharma Family overuse their heavy duty appliances and hence need to optimize their usage to curb over-consumption, and consequently their spending on the monthly electricity bill. 

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November 14, 2019

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