Energy accesibility and renewability

  • Sidhant Agarwal
  • The problem is that in the corporate world and otherwise, individuals working on laptops often travel a lot. The whole concept of laptops was based on the feature of portability. A portable device that can be used to work from any place. But the problem is what do we do when we are in the middle of some work and we run low on power? 

  • Corporate person: A person in the corporate world who travels a lot.

  • This problem is often faced by me in daily student life. I often sit down to do some work only to realize that my laptop is low on power. A simple solution to it would be to carry a secondary battery but it has essentially two problems associated to it:

    1. The secondary battery  requires separate charging
    2. If we want to use the secondary battery, we need to remove the old one which basically needs the system to be shut down.
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December 11, 2019

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