Elders’s Safety

  • Aadhith S, Vignesh H, Vignesh Kumar S, Tharun Kumar A
  • Men and women who are working leave their elderly parents all alone at homes and are often worried about the safety and health issues of their parents. This is an issue that is to be taken care of.

  • Elders at the age group above 60.

  • Personal experience:

    1) Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

        Yes, we have grandparents at our home who are often left alone, as our parents or we ourselves move out to jobs, schools or college, etc... Therefore, we are often worried about their safety and health issues.

    2) Is there anything that solves this?

        One solution to it is that we appoint a home maid to take care of them. Another one is that we could use the help of modern technology, to create a smart band which could track the health status of the user.

  • We wanted to create a smart gadget which could track a user 24/7 to know about their health and safety. On further extending this idea, we wanted to implement this for the welfare of elderly people through a smart device like a smart watch/band.

    Our idea is that,

    the user could wear a band which contains the sensors like pulse sensor, 3 axis gyroscope, etc., which could constantly monitor the user. The band could also tell the time and date, so this could be used as a watch too. The band is connected to an app, which in emergency situations like the user falling down, or decrease in pulse, sends a caution message/alert to their closest family members and the nearest hospital and police station, so that they could take immediate actions to save their life. The Emergency contacts are configured through the app and in emergency situations the app shows a message and alerts the user. This App could also be extended to look at the present condition of the person wearing the band, providing vital information like Pulse Rate, Present Location Coordinates, etc… The band also has the feature of sending an alert manually in events of any Burglary or any other life threatening events where the user are the ones capable of understanding the situation and in here the sensors used would be unable to detect danger.

November 13, 2019

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  1. Cool! Will check it out! Do let us know what you think of it

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