• Shibani Mohapatra
  • There are several issues that the Indian education system is under going and one of the major problem is the poor rural area scenario. According to a survey report called Annual Status of Education Report, more than 50% of students reading in 5th standard are not able to read the book of 2nd class.
    1. The rural parts of India are struggling a lot when it comes to transport. Therefore the parents are not able to send their children to get proper education.
    2. Residents of rural India usually come with little income sources which are usually in basic survival making education out of the realm.
    3. The schools in rural India have really poor infrastructure. There is a huge lack of teachers which deserves student-teacher ratio extensively.
    Due to various problems like the ones listed above the children living in the rural areas are not being able to avail proper education. Though various steps have been taken by the govt a proper solution regarding this still remains unknown.

  • Children living the rural areas 

  • I interviewed a few group of children and they said that they are not able to get proper education due to transport ,proper infrastructure, monitary issues. 

    There are no adequate amount of teachers as compared to the number of students. Though the govt has taken initiative but they are not enforced properly. 

    On being asked about that will they read if they are provided with the facilities  . The children agreed and they shared their dreams with me. The tiny eyes huge dreams . But they are not getting the opportunity to show their talent and develop. 

    They also said that they have to walk long distances to study. And have to study under the trees as there is no proper infrastructure . 

  • Seeing the children being deprived of education facilities affects me a lot. The children are the future of the country and each child has the right to read and learn and to live a happy life. Therefore to know more about this i did a bit of research on internet and came across varios facts and figure about the situation of the rural children in present scenario. After collecting the facts i went to a near by village and interacted with the children there. They told me that instead having the will to read they are not able to get proper education. 

November 9, 2019

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