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  •   University students feel that a lot of time is wasted in their lab classes. A lot of the prescribed time is spent in zooming in and out of the material projected onto a screen. This is not only limited to computer science students who code a lot but also to other branches like mechanical and civil where a lot of CAD drawings and simulations are required.

      Plus at times, students feel that some Professors who are not technically sound or has very poor knowledge in the subject just get away by only projecting some random related material onto the screen.

      All these lead to a lot of waste of human hours, frustrations amongst students and students find reasons not to attend the lab sessions which all results in students to be not industry ready and basically are just very poorly skilled engineering graduates.

  • University Students : Students, taking up a technical course, age group 17 - 25

    University Professors :  Professors who teach a technical course

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bb8a9ZHUIXAP0Q3_2wMGsRv2acm1rtqO/view?usp=drivesdk

  •  In a typical college's scenario, students would fill up a computer lab during their lab time and await for the Professor to teach some stuff. Usually, the lab would consist around 65 to 70 students, who would have entered the lab with very high energy to learn something new. Then the Professor would start teaching a concept by projecting some material onto the screen. Now since one size does not fit all, obviously the students who sit a little far away from the screen would need the content to be zoomed in. This reduces the overall content a particular student could grasp at a said time. Thus, slowly the attention span decreases and so thus the the students wish to learn something new. Additionally, it is interesting to learn alongside our Professors where both could code and grow together, rather than just dictating stuff or asking us to just refer the material. The case may also be such that the Professor might not be technically sound and would just brush off the lab sessions by just projecting some content onto the screen.

     Now, just imagine that the Professor codes along with the students, whatever he codes or designs in CAD is streamed in real time into each student's lab PC's. Well, that is what I wish to build, a simple to connect streaming service where the Professor streams whatever he codes directly onto the students PC such that the students can learn in real time, resize the streaming plugin according to one's wish. This not only puts the Professor on the hotseat where he is forced to know his stuff, this also makes the student to be more intrigued to learn new stuff. Provisions for the Professors to look into a specific set of PC's could also be enabled such that the students just wail their time. all this connections are aimed to be done via thin client, which could easily be set up at a university's local intranet.

     I believe, with this we could restore the technical skills of an engineering graduate!

November 14, 2019

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