New Generation Washing Machine

  • Gokul G.P, Bagawathi S.V, Rekha S.
  • A smart washing machine that solves problems in existing models.This device,automatically finds and takes the required amount of detergent from a pre-loaded container within the machine. Also,it filters the water at the outflow.This makes it economic and feasible while being eco-friendly.It also includes a back up power supply and water storage unit.This ensures that in case of power failure or water unavailability, the current cycle of clothes are washed.

  • Families,working bachelors.

  • 1) Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

    Yes.Our washing machine stops when there is a power cut.So,the clothes remain stuck inside.

    2) Do you know anyone who does?

    Yes.Many models have this problem.

    3) Examples / Experiences on this

    During the flood season,there was a power cut for 2 days. Our clothes were stuck inside and had started to stink. 

    4) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?

    Modern washing machines can solve it.But, they are costly and use more water.

    5) How much would you pay to fix it?

    10,000 more than the market price of current washing machines

  • 1.Detecting amount of detergent when switched on and clothes are loaded.

    2.Filtering and reusing outlet water for other purpose.

    3.Special power back up system for power failure emergencies.

    4.Water storage unit for water unavailability.

November 13, 2019

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