• Myself being a middle class guy, I'm more concerned in my budget.When we decide to buy a cloth if  our  concern is cost we would prefer online shopping.But if our concern is size fitness our choice will be definitely retail shops though we know that the price in retail shops are high like clothes material's cost is equal to full stitched ready made cloth in online stores.We would also have a limited choice in retail shops than online but we prefer retail only majorly because of size fitness as we could buy clothe materials separately and stitch separately for our body size with tailor .This option is not available in amazon,flipcart etc.Myself being a tall thin guy ,readymade clothes are not suitable to me because the breadth of  the shirt will be long as I buy a 42 size shirt,t shirt according to my height.So I would buy clothe material  for around( 225rs 1 meter cloth)450-500(minimum average price material) and give 300-350 for stitching  spending  around 800 for an average piece  of shirt but with a  perfect size  for which I would buy a high quality ready made shirt.Moreover my sister for stitching salwar kameez has to spend more on stitching with charges

    Standard Simple with Salwar Stitching Rates-  Rs 450

    Standard Simple with Pants Pocket 1 side Stitching Rates-  Rs 600

    Pakistani Half lining with Hand Patching with Pants Stitching Rates-   Rs 1250- 1350(Depends on Patches)

     With all finishing , Piping on neck,sleeves,kameez slits,border

    Pakistani Full lining with Hand Patching with Pants Stitching-  Rs 1650-1850(Depends on Patches)

     With all finishing , Piping on neck,sleeves,kameez slits,border


     Patching/Laces/Piping/Ziper  cost depends approx Rs 200-350

    Full piping/Satin Border on Dupatta Rs 200 extra

    This is what normal tailors in Chennai,Mumbai approximately charge for stitching along with  the cost for total cloth including cloth materials rises above 1500-1600 for an average piece while ready made costs around 1000-1200 for an average piece.

    Choli,Anarkali the trending traditional dresses in India for women also costs same prices mentioned above for stitching.

  • According to Indiaretailing.com Indian Stitching industry in India is estimated to be around `39,820 crore comprising approximately 20 per cent of the apparel market.Mainly  girls who wears choli,anarkali,salwar kameez(to whom the fitness matters),middle aged men who like a lot of varieties and wants the cloth  to be a perfect fit,mainly all these at a nominal cost.

  • One way to solve this to allow user to select their dress model online by providing them a lot of varieties and giving their measurements manually.

    Giving measurements is not a comfortable task and if they are not accurate then the stitching will not be perfect and the main idea behind this project will become invalid.

    So we can ask them upload a top view of their perfectly fitting dress so that we would use our machine learning technology to calculate the measurements of the dress and thus stitch it and deliver it.The measurement will also be accurate as the user gives the input measurement through images,humans make mistakes but machines don't. As we do this on whole sale and on the user selected cloth material  there is no problem of rent,geographical barriers ,location barriers .We can provide  customers a lot of choice in online especially for girls who prefer choli,chudithar,anarkali,salwar kameez  ,provide them the product effectively and efficiently with a nominal cost.

  • Usually girls don't wear same dresses especially traditional dresses  frequently  as they fear that people would notice that they are wearing it frequently, so becomes a demotivate to them.Usually  girls have dozen of traditional wear like choli,anarkali,salwarkameez to show people that they have a lot of stuffs.So there is a good market in ladies section as number of partys and get togethers are increasing and girls generally prefer traditional outfits.Men usually don't compromise with size fitness with pants /trousers as their body shape will be based on their pants.There are many men who wear readymade shirts but stitched pants .Today's generation are more calculative where they compare more number of products before buying a product.In this sense if we can provide the stitched dress with a price comparatively more or equal to  the ready made garments customers will be liking this product.

November 14, 2019

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