• Umang Gupta, Dheeraj SHarma, Kunal Sevkani
  • If Restaurant is the Destination, Menu is the guide. By using the Regular Restaurant Menu, We make wild Guess, not Choices while ordering food. The look, Quality, Quantity, Ingredients differ from Restaurant to Restaurant for same dish.

    • Ultimately, we sometime order wrong/unsatisfied food… Giving a bad Feedback to Restaurant. While Restaurant loses the Customer Forever, while user money gets wasted
    • Or, Hesitate to order something new… and stick to what they have previously tasted. THAT’s NOT FAIR!!!s
  • We are targetting the Regular Restaurant customers, helping them to choose the best food of that Restaurant, using our Digital Menu App.

    Customers will be able to see Rating and Reviews of not just Restaurant but also for every Food. They will also see the actuall image and video of Food before odering.

November 16, 2019

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