Drones and mechanism for Agriculture

  • Suganthan, Reneesh, Akshaya, Adithya
  • Farmers face a lot of problems , the main being pests and inadequate mechanism for irrigation and fertilization . They are also unable to monitor the crops at times which results in the decrease in production .

  • Farmers in India  not only face problems regarding pests and inadequate mechanism for irrigation fertilization but they are unable to afford it . A harvest with low yeild leading to debts leave a damage not only in the economy but also their lives . Drone farming helps in Aerial seeding, crop surveillance,Fertilization,Spraying pesticides , monitoring of crops .Our motive is to provide these facilities with affordable prices . They can further be used for livestock management and monitoring .

  • interviewer: how many acres of land do u own ?
    farmer: i totally own 5 acres of land out of which i have vegetated 3 acres with groundnut and 2 acres with banana.
    interviewer: how much fertilizers do you use ?
    farmer: the range of fertilizers differ from 45 to 50 kg per acre.
    interviewer: how much pesticides do you use ?
    farmer: in general we use about 150 L of pesiticide in 1 hectare of land for groundnut crops and about 125 litres for banana.
    interviewer: can u please explain about the other difficulties you face during before harvest ?
    farmer: there is usually disturbance from the wild animals like hogs, as there are forests around this village area (tholampalayam).
    interviewer: so, what do you do to control this disturbance ?
    farmer: Me and my sons take shifts to watch over the fields and control the hogs. whereas, we dont even have any defense mechanisms to save ourselves from them.
    interviewer: so, if there was surveillance of the whole field 24 X 7, you can do this without so much of stress right?. And if we commit to provide these facilities through a machine, how much can u pay for it?
    farmer: I am ready to pay  a maximum of 1 lakh which I usually pay for the manual process per year.

  • Farmers usually spend around 500-800 per day for labor cost. The product of ours will totally eliminate the labor cost.The spray technology to be designed will result in an efficient technique which reduces wastage caused by manual method. The same spray system can be used for irrigation. The surveillance system  embedded in the drone ensures safety and immediate response from animal threats like elephant infiltration. Aerial process, one of which is our product, saves lot of time for the user instead of the manual spraying process.

November 15, 2019

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