Intelligent Traffic Light

  • Atanu Sen,Sanchit Singh,Abhishek Ranjan
  • People have to wait for traffic signal to go green which has a constant time timer set.

    This will kill their time whether there is any vehicle or not they have to wait for the green signal.

    This will lead to increase air pollution as in stationary position many of there,s vehicle is still on.

    It can also increase safety of person especially women as in night people have to wait for signal to go green whether there is any vehicle or not this will increase chances of crimes as more time outside more will be the risk.


  • Women safety: Urban or any women spending  more time out side will increase chance to attack.

    Pollution control: More time waiting in traffic light will increase air pollution.

    Time Saving: More time stuck on  traffic signal increase travel  time.

  • Yes I have stuck on this type of problem.

    Yes our friends and our teachers faced this problem.

    An old lady with children waited for too long at night for 

February 2, 2020

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