Digitalization of manual equipment

  • A.V Hemanth, K Sai Bharadwaj, Prashanthi Vanga
  • In general, energy conservation has been a huge issue. As we know any big problem can be solved from primary level, understanding the energy/electricity consumed is the solution.

  • Energy conservation: A poor couple, living in the suburbs of a city. Who use a lot of appliances but do not know where the excess energy is wasted due to their fast lifestyle.

  • I) Yes, I do face the problem, we receive a bill of around 5000 from all the meters in our house.

    II) Not only us but we have our entire society facing the same issue.

    III) Once, we had a bill of over 7000, we were shocked why this happened so we checked all our house and found out that a couple of heaters we on in our guest room.

    IV) As we know, there are no existing gadgets to find the data of the usage through out the month 

    • V) we would check now and then to see the amount used manually.
  • Nothing of such kind.

November 4, 2019

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