• Implementation of e-governance

    Do you really think the government servant is under workload to reject your application several times in the name of several excuses? If yes then you seriously need to be on the other side of the desk to know they matter and if no then the next level of governance can make you stand in a win-win situation and can meet several goals and false commitment of the government that can actually turn to reality. The problem of passing files from one section to another one department to other is the basic reason why everyone still visualizes the government offices as a creepy dome where everyone gets rejected upon a fresh application or the problem being unheard without the inflow of rewards !! The problem lies with the realization of time in the decision, wastage of resources of government and a small amount of pollution and mental stress that contributes to a lag state and a pile-up structure that actually destroys the institution, the very institution that promises to take care of the issue. According to a report in International media we have accessed that India has a maximum number of holidays as compared to Western countries. The hard-punching fact is that the output of that very institution isn't even affected by less no of working days but by slow mechanism, work stress and lack of interest in the work and straining process of the file work as prescribed by the Victorian empire as per the Victorian age. The age of writing records and filing up the almirah to pile up the written records not only gets destroyed but always lie there only to be thrown away someday. This needs serious attention apart from the implementation of the efficient mechanism

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  • Lack of proper guidance and ineffective workflow

    Slow workforce: The problem of enforcing newer technologies to the older workforce results in the ineffective and inefficient workflow in a government office atmosphere

    Newer excuses: Every single time some document needs to attach separately and given in prescribed format which is cumbersome

    Lack of proper infrastructure: With an increasing population, there comes an additional cost of maintaining stuff related to the subject of the country which often goes unnoticed in this environment.

    Lack of transparency: The very word of transparent is clearly lacking in the institution which now stands on the pillars of excuses and false hopes which just slows down everything now and then.

    No digital verification: Without proper things in place very often the signature also gets a fakery tag along with it which increases corruption and forgery is not a big deal in this huge workforce of some billion.


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  • Last month I had a chance to visit my father's office who later complained and sighed about the fact that the almirah is full and there's literally no space to keep the physical file in the office elsewhere. The working mechanism of the office was beyond thinking and maybe it was a normal day for any other government servant but as of me I just can't digest the fact that digitization of the system actually referred to the placing of computers in front of them and accessing emails and providing Excel sheet at the end of the month. Neither the mechanism is digitized nor the digital literacy of them are being monitored or even scaled up. Piling up of files just adds more to the mess and just piles up in front of officers and nothing else. I talked to one of the officers working there and the attitude was just like the manual is more easy to do and as usual, we can do something under the table as long as the file is with them. The offices and institutions are facing serious trouble of forgery, small throughput, slower mechanism, lack of proper machinery to optimize the workflow, lack of digitization parameters and identification.

  • The affected ones being us literally as we all are digitally literate but still visit the office for some big work that isn't optimized on the site. In the age of retirement when one goes to the same office for the same work just with a different sets of documents and permission each time the output is mental stress and pain. The main creator of this problem is inefficient machinery and inefficient taskforce to handle the stuff that they are mentally opposed to.

November 14, 2019

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