difficulty in modifying ongoing project

  • Rashmi
  • I am struggling to make the following modification in my project:

    • I want to make the robotic arm of my project more strong so that it can pick light objects.  
    • some other way of controlling the motion of the robotic car, other than Bluetooth, so that it can travel large distances without any wired control.
    • To make the wheels more reliable and strong so it can go to marshy lands, rocks etc.
    • I want to make an app for the following purpose:

              1. To show live video streaming from the camera placed on the robotic car.

              2. To control the motion of the robotic arm with robotic car.

              3. To show the values for sensors (like pulse sensor) on the application.

              4. To store the data.

             5. To get the location of the site through GPS where the person who needs to be rescued is found.


  • This robot can be used in rescue operations where humans cannot reach or it is unsafe to go.

    • It will be helpful in the Army where it is difficult to find and rescue their fellow soldiers at LOC.
    • It can be used in the disaster management department, where they have to do rescue operations after cyclones, earthquakes, etc.
    • It can be used by the Police department to do a rescue operation after any disheartening incident like bomb blast.
  • This robotic car will make rescue operations more fast and successful. It will indicate who is alive or not so that the rescue team will save that person first instead of wasting time in saving a dead person. It was seen in the Allahabad stampede case(2013) that delay in rescue operation lead to more death. So with the help of this robot, many lives can be saved in such a situation. 

  • Existing user:

    In the Allahabad stampede case(2013) many lives lost due to delays in the rescue operation. It is difficult for the rescue operation team to reach to every person within that short span of time. Also, sometimes it is unsafe for them to reach that place like LOC where they can be shot by enemies. These problems lead to delay in the rescue operation and many people lose their lives.

    New Users:

    With the help of this robot, rescue teams can efficiently detect the location of the person who needs to be rescued without going to the actual site. After getting the location the person will be rescued in lesser time.

    Such a robot will be more reliable, efficient, fast, and a safer option for the rescue operation teams. 

October 19, 2019

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