Dementia Bot

  • Virali Purbey
  • Senior citizens suffer from a lot of problems, such as remembering things, keeping track of their wallet, paying bills, talking to others, etc. This makes them feel excluded, and hence they stay alone and don't talk to anyone which in turn makes their situation more miserable.

  • Elderly people, age group 60-80, suffering from decline in problem solving activities, specially memory loss, in order to perform their everyday activities.

  • I saw my friend's grandmother. I was so close to her that I never felt she is not my grandmom. I used to spend a lot of time with her. 

    But one day, I went to her and she refused to recognize me. I said a lot of things, "I am your Virali, Dadi. You forget me", etc, But she didn't remember as if there was no Virali she knew. I felt very bad at that time. Then I got to know that she is suffering from Alzhiemer's. 

    I researched on this and studied a lot about Alzhiemer's. Then at that time, I thought that I will definetely do something for my grandmom. And now because I am into technology , I got a very good opportunity to make my grandmom proud. This is my main motivation.

  • As we all know, Alzhiemer people not even remember their names. They forget things very easily. Because of that , nobody talks to them and they feel very felt out. They have no friends whom they can share their ideas with.

    So we have planned to design a naive chatbot that will learn on the basis of the conversation that takes place between the doctor and the user. After sometime our bot will be sensible enough to answer the questions that were sometimes answered by a doctor. So they dont feel excluded as well as they can have someone to talk to with whom they can share their thoughts.

October 21, 2019

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