• Nikita Pal
  • Deforestation is increasing at a large scale and illegal logging of endangered trees and plants is increasing. The trees in public places and along roads are not being irrigated regularly. There is also a lack of plantation of trees.

  • Illegal loggers cut down trees deep within forests which go unnoticed. The forest authorities are unable to get real-time data. The authorities do not have data on how the trees planted in public places are being taken care of.

  • I Mailed Dr.HS Pabla (EX- Indian forest service officer and environmentalist) interview questions and received his response:

    Is there a need to curb the problem of illegal logging of trees? Yes.
    ➡️Is there any technology being used to solve deforestation and increase afforestation and is there any scope if it will be used if available?
    Some limited efforts are under way. Camera traps, RFID tags on trees, smart patrolling etc. Drones and sensors may also be under trial here and there but these are relatively new technologies.
    ➡️Will it be beneficial to track illegal logging and constructions in forests? 
    Yes, of course
    ➡️Will it beneficial if spread seeds on a large and irrigate using technology?
    Yes, but this does not work everywhere and for all species. Limited scope.
    ➡️Do most of the trees planted in public places dry up due to lack of care and is there a need to track their maintenance? Yes.



  • Before: No tracking of illegal logging, no measures of mass plantation of trees.

    After: Drones can be used to track illegal loggers and unwanted wild animals near residential areas and locate using GPS tracker. Belts can be used on endangered trees for protection.

    Drones can be further used to spread seeds in areas with a lot of deforestation and help replenish such areas. Later, necessary items such as nutrients can be supplied to those plants.

    This project can further be expanded to track movements of endangered animals and supply food to injured and old wild animals.

October 19, 2019


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