Crop based Automatic Irrigation System (KISAN MITRA)

  • Sanat Kumar Pandey, Vikalp Singh
  • In present era we try to conserve our natural resources and trying to use them very efficiently so with the help of technology we make our irrigation system smart and user friendly which optimize our need. In the country like india where most of the population depends on Agriculture but the climate condition is very uncertain , this technique is become very useful. Continuous increasing demand of food in worldwide is also highly depends on agriculture which needs improvement in food production technology to maximize their net profits. The continuous extraction of under water also decreases the under water level which is also harmful to environment. Very important reason of this is due to unplanned use of Irrigation water due to which a significant amount of water goes to surface irrigation waste.

    For a perfect agriculture system it is also need to irrigate the crop with their desired value of water level ,the level above  and below this value both reduce the production .With the help of this project we irrigate our crop according to their desire value by setting the knob at particular crop when the water level reach at desired value the motor is automatically get off ,there is no need to watch it hole time .

    Spaciously the region near allahabab city is suffering  from low ground water level which is only because of unplanned irrigation system.  

  • Population of allahabad  region including both ruler and urban areas with other environmental changes and harmful affects.

  • In present era, the farmers have been the conventional irrigation methods like overhead using irrigation techniques in India through manual control sprinklers, flood type feeding systems usually wet the in which farmers irrigate the crop at the regular intervals. The entire soil in this process sometimes consumes more water or surface is saturated and often stays wet long after irrigation .Such condition promotes infections by leaf get dried and also Slowed growth rate, lighter a type of modern irrigation technique that slowly applies weight fruit follows slight water deficiency.

January 31, 2020

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